Be on the watch for female artist Ariana Grande. Her first start to fame was on the hit show Victorious. She played an out of this world high school student name Cat. Now as the show comes to an end, she is focusing more on her music career.

She currently has a hit R&B/Pop single out “The Way” featuring star rapper Mac Miller. This single has been her coming out party as she shows her vocal skills to the rest of the world. This young lady has proven that she is a true double threat. She has shown her acting skills and now has demonstrated elite singing talent. In the world we live in, it’s very hard to find someone that can do both; many have tried and many have failed.

Ariana is not just about the glitz and glamour of being a star actress or singer, she also does a lot for the community. She helps out those who are less fortunate than her and it is these genuine acts of kindness that are what being a real artist is all about. She has the full package of what it takes to be a tremendous role model for the youth crowd. Her passion for her craft shows up in her soulful voice and sets her apart from her competition. If you haven’t heard her sing already, definitely check her music out and finally see what the latest buzz on R&B and Pop’s new star is all about.

by Merce Summers

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