Poetry Spotlight

Sometimes I question the integrity of certain people with popularity they ordinarily share the same Identity of the one next to them

If you don’t trust my sincerity put two in the room and check the similarity

test them mentally and check what sparks their jealousy

they are essentially the same the only difference is their name

Over time they became a subject to the game and strive for social fame

because apparently being popular is hot like a flame but too much of it will turn a good man insane

They think their fly like a plane cruising in the fast lane when it’s really just mentally in your brain

if lose you popular stain you will have psychological pain every sunny day  you’ll feel rain

Everyday you’ll feel blue

However to not be some of these few there’s one simple thing you can do

Have a small little crew of people who like to do the things you do look within yourself and remember always stay true to you


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