Kanye West: I’m going to stop talking negatively for now

Kanye West: I'm going to stop talking negatively for now
Could there be a quieter, gentler Kanye West on the way?

The rapper and fiance of Kim Kardashian has reportedly said he will stop talking negatively for at least six months. During a tour stop in Toronto, West went on for more than 25 minutes about various topics, including that he’s talked some smack.

“I think it’s a misconception that people be thinking I’m angry and s***,” he said. “Why do the truth always sound some angry? I ain’t angry at nothing. I’m not mad at all.”

West said he’s going to focus in the new year on “all the new ideas and all the creative outlets.” As for his recent feud with Nike, West said he will never mention that again.

“I’m not (going to) ever bring up Nike again,” he said. “And the only way I’ll bring them up is in a positive light, because I actually appreciate the opportunity to have been able to make my own shoe with them, and if I didn’t have the opportunity I wouldn’t have my deal I have with Adidas right now.”

Check out the rapper’s entire commentary here, though be warned there is some profanity:


What do you think? Do you buy his vow to keep his mouth shut?

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