Music Monday New Artist Spotlight: Keef Gee

(Warning: some profanity)

Author: Chris Ceefour Colter

Keef Gee is an up and coming Hip-Hop Artist out of New Jersey. Heavily influenced by 90’s Hip Hop, he is bringing true lyricism back to the Hip-Hop game. Growing up in Essex County, New Jersey Keef’s music is influenced by the urban lifestyle. Keef grew up understanding the struggles in life, but also experienced the better things. Keef was raised in a single parent household, after his father passed when he was two. Keef was raised by a very strong woman that provided him with some of the answers to the questions he had about life. Those that weren’t answered Keef was motivated to find the answers himself. As a young man Keef didn’t have a need for anything, but his ambition led him to want everything . The want that drove Keef fueled a hustler’s mentality, causing him to search for different ways to make money and to build from them. During Keef’s youth he met an individual that later would help guide Keef on his journey into the Hip-Hop culture. Years later Keef Gee and Merce Summers created In The Black Ent., an entertainment company that has no boundaries when it comes to Hip Hop. At an early age Summers saw that Keef had lyrical talent, suggesting that he takes it to the next level. Both Keef Gee and Summers felt it was time to bring Hip Hop back to New Jersey, an area that isn’t highly valued for its Artist, even tho a majority of the 90’s Hip Hop culture came from Jersey. Since 2007 the two, have been working on making the perfect entrance into the Hip-Hop game. They believe Keef Gee can give the consumer the Quality music that he/she has been waiting for. NOW IS THAT TIME!!!

Tell us what you think about our featured artist Keef Gee and also check out more of his music by searching “Keef  Gee” on YouTube

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