Artist Spotlight: Big Osh

big osh

Click the following link to listen to Big Osh’s music:
Big Osh is a New Jersey Native, brought into a rich musical environment at a young age by his parents. Learning to play guitar at a early age, Osh begin his musical career playing multiple instruments in High School Rock/Funk Bands and several churches. After relocating to Florida to enrich his knowledge of the art of recording Osh came back to New Jersey to pursue his Music Career With Powerful Musical Ally’s S.P.U.D.S Gang production team(STAY.PRODUCING.UNDENIABLY.DOPE.SH*T) creating music in multiple genres such as Neo-Soul, R&B,  HipHop/RAP and House. When questioned about his goals in the music industry, his answer was simply “I wish to bring music back to music, for the sake of people whose lives revolve around it, myself included”. Free and Pay-Only Music Can be Downloaded from Big Osh on


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