President Obama’s 2014 March Madness Bracket

As has become tradition during the his time in the White House, President Obama’s March Madness bracket predictions hit the day before the beginning of the NCAA Tournament. Having revealed his Final Four predictions on Tuesday night, the President displayed his full bracket on ESPN’s Sportscenter at 9 a.m. EST on Wednesday. Typically, it wasn’t filled with too many bold choices, as the President is customarily fairly safe in his bracket choices.

With that in mind, it’s not a bad idea if you’re still fretting over upset picks you’re going with (or which favorites to back) to consult the President’s bracket. So, without further ado, here’s President Obama’s 2014 March Madness bracket predictions.

This year, Obama is backing the defending NCAA Tournament champions, Louisville, going back to the Final Four once again. It’s not an overly shocking pick, given their past success, though the Cardinals are only rated as a fourth-seed in 2014. In order to fulfill Obama’s prediction, they will have to overcome some stiff opposition. The Midwest portion of the bracket (where Louisville would emerge from) is filled to the brim with talent, including Kentucky, Michigan (who lost in last year’s final), Duke (equipped with freshman star Jabari Parker), and local success-story, UMass. This doesn’t even include the actual number one-seed, undefeated Wichita State.

The other Final Four predictions are less of a reach. Arizona and Florida are both number one-seeds (Florida is the overall top seed), and Michigan State were preseason favorites, who are loaded with quality players.

In 2013, Obama called that Louisville would reach the final. However, he had them losing to Indiana in the climactic tournament game, which did not come to fruition. Despite possessing immense talent, Indiana lost to an equally-talented Michigan team in the Final Four, and the Cardinals (coached by former Celtics disaster, Rick Pitino), to make their move.

Obama is a legitimate fan of the game, and (fun fact) his brother-in-law is the head basketball coach at Oregon State. Proving that the country has come a long way since the days when this apparently counted for Presidential athleticism, here’s a pretty solid picture of the President of the United States balling:

Image via @DagVega44

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